About Us

Providing Solutions with you in mind.
  • Over 150,000 hours of Application Design, Development and Management experience.
  • Extensive exposure to General Business, Medical/Dental, Manufacturing, Legal and many other business sectors.
  • 25+ years developing Microsoft Windows-based application.
  • Expertise in .Net platform languages (C#, VB.Net) and various Visual Studio IDE's. Significant knowledge and exposure to legacy IDE's and languages.
  • Fundamental knowledge and broad experience using web technologies and programming tools, such as: HTML, CSS, XML/XPATH, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP.Net.
  • Relational database expertise, including: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase. Database design, layout, programming (SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedure development), management.
  • IT support for all Microsoft platforms.

THAT'S Call Tom!

Our substantial list of credits are too numerous to mention. Suffice to say that our background and exposure to a wide variety of applications, coupled with our proven track record in Project Management and support, makes Call Tom the right choice when considering your next project.

The Call Tom development team and IT support staff have maintained an undeniable reputation over their extensive years of service. We will deliver, without doubt, the best possible software solution for your dollar. In fact, we at Call Tom go beyond the promise to deliver quality products at very affordable rates. We are committed to a philosophy which demonstrates a solid work ethic - reliability, diligence, initiative and the desire to make our customers successful.

Why wait, Call Tom today and begin a relationship with a one-of-a-kind team.


Collaborative Development.

Consider the many facets of the development process.

This busy process is all handled by Call Tom... with YOUR help! We believe that the client should have the opportunity to get involved in the process at a unique level. So, instead of waiting for a result, you may elect (with respect to your busy schedule) to be involved in the process and interact with the development team every step of the way.

Management Coverage.

Call Tom adheres to the general philosphy of providing quality solutions that incorporate the appropriate technologies required to support your needs. Our goal is to partner with you, allowing you to concentrate on your business, while we attend to your technology investments. That philosophy is displayed in all our services and is extended in our view of Web Management.

Call Tom thinks of Web Management a little differently than most web development companies. Our concept encompasses those aspects of your site that are more challenging than Design, Development and Delivery of web page compositions.

Web Hosting.

Let Call Tom help you get your web site up and running. Whether you have already contracted with a Hosting Service, or you are looking for someone to perform all of the setup tasks for you - Call Tom has the answer.

We provide our clients with all of the basic tasks outlined below.

  • Domain Name Acquisition.
  • Establishing Email accounts and/or Email Forwarding accounts.
  • Providing site space and initial setup.
  • Creating a database (as required).
  • Managing your files during site construction.

Backup as a Service.

Protecting one of your most critical assets is task everyone has to consider at some point. Losing important, mission critical data and other associated files happens. But, it is never acceptable when you cannot recover from the incident.

Call Tom understands this need and will assist with whatever your varying storage requirements may be.

Consider what Call Tom offers.

  • Adequate storage space for your standard operation.
  • Scalable storage for growth or short-term expansion.
  • Disaster recovery with multilocation backup.
  • Backup frequency that is convenient for you.
  • Backup security guaranteed.