Application Development

Collaborative Web Site Design and Development

Call Tom is dedicated to assisting our clients in the creation and support of their web sites. With that in mind, consider the many facets of the development process that must be addressed. Including the primary aspects of the project, such as:

  • Web Design
    • Layout / Organization.
    • Fonts, colors, sizes, shapes.
    • Navigation.
    • Security.
    • Links.
    • Database development (as required).
  • Formulation of Content
    • Textual content that will convey the messages using the language of your business (terminology, jargon, keywords, etc.).
    • Supporting images using meaningful, graphical representation that attract, support and enhance your ideas.
  • Managing the Project
    • Tracking the progress of the project.
    • Testing, debugging and approving pages.
    • Publishing to production.

The busy process of Application Development is all handled by Call Tom... with YOUR help! We believe that the client should be given the opportunity to get involved in the process at a unique level. So, instead of waiting for a result, you may elect (with respect to your busy schedule) to be involved in the process and interact with the development team every step of the way.