Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Offsite data storage is essential. BaaS (also known as 'cloud' backup) is an affordable solution for everyone - from the individual who wants to protect treasured photos and important documents, or the business person guarding critical data, to the larger company that needs to secure databases and other operational data. Call Tom will be there with an effective plan to service your need.

As a BaaS provider, information stored within our repositories will be protected from the risk of loss associated with virtually any kind of technological disaster. Instead of shouldering the burden of managing backup media, and the potential cost of offsite transportation and storage, you can simply offload those tasks to us. As your partner, management and maintenance of your data is Priority One.

Consider just a few of the benefits:

  • Safety. Enjoy the freedom of knowing your data is protected from hackers, technological disasters, and user error. Multilocation redundancy further ensures your data security.

  • Recovery. Should the unthinkable occur like a major disaster, or the inevitable user error where data is lost by deletion, recovery is simple. Copies of your data can be accessed and restored whenever you are ready.

  • Ease of Use. BaaS is an automated process. You set it up, initialize your backup and your data is automatically saved on a continuous basis. Any changes to your data environment will be permanently reflected in your backup.

  • Affordability. Without BaaS, keeping your system safe could get expensive. Consider the cost of external storage devices, servers, software to organize and control the backup process; perhaps offsite storage requirements and transportation of the media, not to mention the labor involved. All of these things make BaaS an alternative worth pursuing.

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