Background Processor Implementation Engine

Does your software application have a need to offload processing responsibility? Do you want to incorporate event-driven, background activities that function asynchronously with any application in your enterprise? The CTBroadcaster engine could be just what you are looking for.

Based on Windows Service technology, CTBroadcaster can be used to trigger virtually any locally written applet whenever an appropriate event is recognized. After installation, there are only three requirements: 1) Applets must accept two command line parameters, 2) A CTBroadcaster path structure must be established in the file system, 3) Your application must deliver a command file to the CTBroadcaster 'job' folder.

Free - CTMailMerge Applet

Included with CTBroadcaster is the CTMailMerge applet. CTMailMerge provides an excellent solution to mass mailing requirements by your applications. Take a look at the implementation of this solution to uncover the basic applet requirements and how integration with the Windows Service is accomplished.