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Service Ticket Management

Improve efficiency and ensure timely problem resolution. Managing your work items has never been this easy.

Track incidents with a defined process. Apply custom statuses to items and view your current workload picture in detail.

Customizable components of the application allow us to prepare a solution that directly fills your requirements.

NO installation. NO computing requirements to fulfill. WE complete the base installation on our servers in collaboration with you. The site is then personalized for your organization. Then, administration and further modifications to content are completely configurable by you.

Create Robust Tickets

Attach documents, data, images and more to your tickets. Field personnel can enhance their findings when researching a ticket with a variety of supporting documentation.

Manage Ticket Features

Update your ticket status and/or modify details about the ticket as more information is discovered.

Ticket maintenance features include printing, emailing, adding attachments and much more.

Administer Application Settings

Almost every aspect of the application can be modified to conform to your organizational needs. That includes dynamically adding data fields, controlling email functionality, creating tabular and graphical ad-hoc reports and managing user access.

Contact us today and together we will determine how CTTicket can work for you.